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ZoseMose Inc: Pioneering AI Integration for Personal and Corporate Growth

July 7th, 2023 – ZoseMose Inc. celebrates its launch as a trailblazer in AI technology, focusing on personal skill enhancement and corporate development through its proprietary AI coach. This technology, born from a unique industry-challenging conversation, is rapidly setting new standards across various sectors.

Core Business Units

Connecting People and Data (CPD): The CPD unit is revolutionizing safety with its wearable Co-Wing products for children and the elderly, utilizing the groundbreaking ZPS™ for precise location tracking.

Connecting Culture and Company (CCC): CCC is transforming the business landscape with AI coach, advancing a new generation of business tools that provide access to a broad spectrum of cutting-edge AI functions globally.

Strategic Team Composition

In anticipation of its ambitious goals, ZoseMose has onboarded key members:

  • A Japanese Managing Director with extensive experience in high-end device and equipment development.
  • A German CTO renowned for his profound expertise in AI development.
  • An American CBO with a global reputation for effective branding strategies.

Collaborative Future

ZoseMose is not just about innovation; it’s about collaboration. The company eagerly anticipates partnerships with future entrepreneurs to forge new paths in global business development.


As ZoseMose continues to advance AI coach technology, it remains dedicated to enhancing human capabilities and business performance. The company stands at the forefront of technological innovation, ready to embark on collaborative ventures and set new industry benchmarks.

AI coach is a testament to ZoseMose’s commitment to data-driven human behavior and thought improvement, marking the beginning of a new era in technological evolution.

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